Friendly Finance Loan

Express loan for students and pensioners

Express loan for students and pensioners

Friendly Finance, with its multinational partner, is a long-term guarantee of success, proving a million satisfied clients across Europe. In the Czech Republic, it is a non-bank Loan project, with which financial aid of up to CZK 22,000 can be achieved with a maturity of 31 days.

One of the fastest loans in the market that adapts to your needs. In this respect, the company acts on a straight line, submits transparent contracts and can borrow money for longer. The car rental service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Table of installments Loans

Loan Amount Due date Charge APR Total to pay
500 CZK 5 days 50 CZK 105015,3% 550 CZK
CZK 1,000 7 days 120 CZK 36744,1% 1 120 CZK
CZK 5,000 14 days 950 CZK 9224,3% 5 950 CZK
CZK 10,000 21 days CZK 2,300 3552,9% 12 300 CZK
CZK 20,000 28 days 4 695 CZK 1462,4% 24 695 CZK
CZK 22,000 31 days 5 236 CZK 1135,1% 27 236 CZK

Representative example: Total amount of consumer credit, total cost of consumer credit, total amount payable by consumer and annual percentage rate of charge – required amount: CZK 2,000, maturity: 31 days, fee: CZK 0, interest rate: 0 %, other costs: 0%, total amount to be paid: CZK 2,000, APR: 0%. The above representative example is only indicative for the first loan, which is completely free.

Join the loyalty program

Join the loyalty program

If you are not satisfied with the smaller sums, do not hesitate to ask for money again. This will bring you to the imaginary ladder higher until you reach the platinum level. At that moment, you are guaranteed to receive more money, but with a lower fee. Friendly Finance provider simply appreciates its clients.

Whatever your goal is a quick loan of any value, always be sure to have a good look at the contracts you have prepared and get advice on how to choose your maturity.

Rent-a-car is a non-banking solution that will satisfy a wide range of customers, including pensioners, mothers on maternity leave and students. In short, anyone who prides themselves on at least a minimum income and who is able to pay his obligations.

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