Friendly Finance Loan

Express loan for students and pensioners

Express loan for students and pensioners

Friendly Finance, with its multinational partner, is a long-term guarantee of success, proving a million satisfied clients across Europe. In the Czech Republic, it is a non-bank Loan project, with which financial aid of up to CZK 22,000 can be achieved with a maturity of 31 days.

One of the fastest loans in the market that adapts to your needs. In this respect, the company acts on a straight line, submits transparent contracts and can borrow money for longer. The car rental service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Table of installments Loans

Loan Amount Due date Charge APR Total to pay
500 CZK 5 days 50 CZK 105015,3% 550 CZK
CZK 1,000 7 days 120 CZK 36744,1% 1 120 CZK
CZK 5,000 14 days 950 CZK 9224,3% 5 950 CZK
CZK 10,000 21 days CZK 2,300 3552,9% 12 300 CZK
CZK 20,000 28 days 4 695 CZK 1462,4% 24 695 CZK
CZK 22,000 31 days 5 236 CZK 1135,1% 27 236 CZK

Representative example: Total amount of consumer credit, total cost of consumer credit, total amount payable by consumer and annual percentage rate of charge – required amount: CZK 2,000, maturity: 31 days, fee: CZK 0, interest rate: 0 %, other costs: 0%, total amount to be paid: CZK 2,000, APR: 0%. The above representative example is only indicative for the first loan, which is completely free.

Join the loyalty program

Join the loyalty program

If you are not satisfied with the smaller sums, do not hesitate to ask for money again. This will bring you to the imaginary ladder higher until you reach the platinum level. At that moment, you are guaranteed to receive more money, but with a lower fee. Friendly Finance provider simply appreciates its clients.

Whatever your goal is a quick loan of any value, always be sure to have a good look at the contracts you have prepared and get advice on how to choose your maturity.

Rent-a-car is a non-banking solution that will satisfy a wide range of customers, including pensioners, mothers on maternity leave and students. In short, anyone who prides themselves on at least a minimum income and who is able to pay his obligations.

Consolidation Loan: What is it?

The banks offer is really very wide today. Banks do not only deal with personal accounts. They also offer various loans to their clients. Among those addressed to a specific group of clients is a consolidation loan. What is he? Who can decide on it? Why is a consolidation loan taken? We will try to find an answer to these and other questions.

Bank Consolidation Loan

Bank Consolidation Loan

A bank consolidation loan is directed to those who already have some debt on their account. To get a consolidation loan, you must have at least two other loans. It does not matter whether it is a cash, car, housing loan or credit card debt. The purpose of the consolidation loan is to convert several installments into one lower one.

After the consolidation loan has been drawn, the existing debts are repaid. The customer, i.e. the borrower, will therefore pay off not a few installments, but one that is the result of a consolidation loan. As a result, you do not have to remember about several obligations, which significantly reduces the risk of delay by forgetting. The fact that the installment is lower is also an extremely beneficial solution. It makes the home budget much less burdened. As a result, paying installments is much simpler.

A consolidation loan – despite the fact that it facilitates a lot – is a loan. That is why you should never be approached disrespectfully. Anyone who thinks about taking a consolidation loan should seriously consider what it will not be able to bear the existing installments. A consolidation loan is always a much more expensive solution. It must be remembered that a longer loan period means the need to pay higher interest, which is not really very beneficial.

The consolidation loan is available to almost every bank operating in our country and carrying out lending activities. Therefore, before making a final decision, it is worth knowing the offer of at least several bank branches. As a result, you will be able to find the most favorable loan.

The Advantage of Renegotiating Your Mortgage

Perceptible changes are currently encouraging the real estate sector. Indeed, the decline in mortgage rates, about 2.36% in 2014, led to a surge in the implementation of new projects. This news undoubtedly appeals to people wishing to access a property, the various investors in the sector, but also and especially for those who have committed to a mortgage. Indeed, the data has changed, and well.

Buyback or Renegotiation: Profitable Profit

Buyback or Renegotiation: Profitable Profit

With this decline in the mortgage rate prevailing in the market, it is now possible for anyone who has subscribed to a loan to renegotiate or buy back their credit. There are not enough arguments to discuss with their banker. Indeed, nothing is easier than going to the site of an immo credit broker , of reference if possible, and to make a free simulation by including the new current settings. Obviously, to ensure his interests, the banker will advance additional costs to try to dissuade the customer, but the latter will always have the advantage since he will have the opportunity to change banks to make effective its buyback credit. And even that the fees in question will automatically be included in the terms of the new loan.

The steps to follow to buy your home loan

The steps to follow to buy your home loan

As said before, it is important at first to make a simulation of credit to see the benefits that can result. Admittedly, people with an unstable job situation will have to go their way because they will not have a chance to obtain the validation of their banker, whatever the arguments put forward. On the other hand, banks react according to a policy that can be anticipated. To keep their interests, they will make comments to keep the customer in his current situation. To get rid of it, any client wishing to renegotiate their mortgage will have every interest in buying back his credit and in buying a new one. Normally, the use of the online comparison device will attest to this great profit. So you have to think about establishing new files for the new credit. It may take a little while, but the game is well worth the effort.

The characteristics of the beneficiaries

The characteristics of the beneficiaries

If before, there was a question of classifying the people who can buy back or renegotiate their home loan according to the number of monthly repayments made, now things have changed. Indeed, before the client was obliged to be in half of his loan or to have repaid a year of it in order to hope to renegotiate with his banker. Now, even a loan of just a year can benefit.

Moneyland Bank Consolidation – Convenient Loans


Loan consolidation (for “normal” mortgage lenders ) is the perfect thing for those of you who, despite loans, loans, repayments, and so on. they don’t know where their head is! 
Imagine a simple situation: someone takes all your loans and merges them into one. And now imagine that it’s not just an idea but a reality, and that you can be the one who sets up a non-bank loan consolidation with us ! This is how you can use an American mortgage.

Do you have a thorn in your heel? Then we will be your tweezers!

Why want a non-bank consolidation ? And why with us?

Why want a non-bank consolidation ? And why with us?

  • Relief – that’s the main reason. Why do we keep the head on thinking about which payment to pay and which will “wait”?Why home with hundreds of papers associated with it? Be it invoices or reminders of non-payment. Merging loans will make life much easier. You will only be able to think of  one installment whose numerical value will be lower and still  low …
  • The interest – which we can knock down with us – below 7%! (Specifically, up to 6.9% after the fifth year maturity. In general, interest and repayment are reduced year after year.) What is the main? We guarantee it throughout the repayment period! Great, right?
  • Flexible repayment period – a very dear phrase, especially in advertisements, but it has something in itself. You can regulate how long you want to repay and thus install the installments. Some people prefer to pay less, but for a longer period of time, somebody likes it quickly from the neck, pays more, but sooner is without debt. Something else suits everyone.
  • Free of charge – do not pull a penny out of your wallet in our country!
  • Extensive Merging – No matter if you have 3 commitments or 13, we will merge everything into one so that it is most convenient for you!
  • Consolidating Loans Without a Registry – We’ll consolidate your loans without looking into the bank register! Whatever your drummer, we honor your privacy. A negative entry in a bank or non-bank register is not a reason for us to reject an application. And if there is a major problem in one of the registers (eg delayed repayments for some loans), it is not a problem for us to solve it by paying it.
  • Maximum Amount – If at all possible, we’ll provide you with the full amount you requested. In any case, you can apply for up to  60% of the value of your property with us. That is. almost the same amount they currently provide for a US bank mortgage and bank.

Real Estate Loan Consolidation

Real Estate Loan Consolidation

How does it work? Handy and easy. We will pay all that annoys you and unnecessarily burdens all your obligations, and we will send you what we have left to your account. What you do with the money is purely in your direction.

So what can you guarantee?

So what can you guarantee?

Basically any real estate. From the apartment, through the family house, cottage, cottage, to the empty building land. Even this property may not be yours. You can guarantee the property of the so-called 3rd person. It can be grandmother, grandfather, auntie, uncle, or a good friend.

What can you use your consolidation money for?

What can you use your consolidation money for?

  • Merge All Loans – You will only repay one with better interest and repayments.
  • Paying for a disadvantageous car lease – did you just hit a clumsy lease that doesn’t suit you? Never mind, we’ll fix it. We will pay the leases and you will pay as you like!
  • Reversing the Imminent Execution – We can pull you out of this mess too! You will borrow from us, you will pay what you need and you will set up installments so that it is as pleasant as possible for you

What will you need for  loan consolidation?

What will you need for  loan consolidation?

  • Photos of the property you guarantee – no preliminary contracts, no (unnecessarily paid) estimates or other documents, just photos.
  • Evidence of receipt – we do not need the fact if you are self-employed. Do you do business shortly and don’t have a DP yet? A start-up entrepreneur can also apply for loan consolidation with us! 
    Another is for employees. If you are employed, then we will have to ask you to confirm your receipt of income according to Act No.  257/2016 Coll. on consumer credit.Holt, the law is the law.

And that’s all, nothing more ! So if you are sure that our non-bank consolidation is right for you, you can directly fill out our non – binding online application. If something isn’t clear to you, don’t worry and contact us. We are happy to explain everything to you and to advise you with anything. You can choose not only the installment, but also the maturity period in the on-line calculator.

Installment loan comparison – Save interest rates from 0.69%

Installment loans are an integral part of consumption. The QueryBank was at that time the first installment bank and cooperated since 1954 with the mail order company Zwelle under the name Que Zwelle.

The way to the bank for many customers was a Canossagang in the past, installment loans today are a product that has to be sold. The bankers on the ground are under massive selling pressure, the online providers are conquering more and more market share. This is not surprising, as a credit comparison makes it clear how far the interest margin, and thus the savings potential, diverge.

Installment credit comparison currently

  • The current installment loan interest rates for Germany in comparison.
  • Strong brand-approved loan calculator – make a free & non-binding loan request.

What exactly is an installment loan – the legal basis

Many account holders have a discretionary credit. This is given to them informally by the bank, the credit line is based on their credit rating. There is no written agreement. The customer can use the loan but does not have to. If the creditworthiness of the account holder deteriorates, the bank may reduce the disposition or terminate it entirely with an appropriate lead time.


A installment loan is equipped with a fixed, constant interest rate. The term is contractually regulated. The borrower pays a steady rate to the bank every month. The first and last installments may be different. Current installment loan interest rates can be found at the top of this page in our installment loan comparison.

The collateral for a installment loan usually takes place through a salary assignment. All these factors are recorded in the loan agreement. In addition, the loan agreement must contain further details, which the Paragraph 492 BGB requires.

Paragraph 491a BGB explicitly deals with consumer loans. Such a loan is when the lender commercialises loans and the borrower is a private individual.

Conditions of the bank

Before the signing of the contract, the lender takes precontactual notification. That is, if he agrees to the loan, he must notify the customer before signing

  • The name and address of the lender,
  • The type of loan
  • The annual percentage rate,
  • The net loan amount,
  • The borrowing rate,
  • The contract period,
  • Amount, number and maturity of each installment,
  • The total amount,
  • The terms of payment,
  • Any other costs, in particular in connection with the payment or use of a payment authentication instrument, with which both payment transactions and withdrawals can be made, and the conditions under which the costs may be adjusted,
  • The default interest rate and the manner in which it may be adjusted and any delay costs
  • A warning about the consequences of non-payments,
  • The existence or non-existence of a right of withdrawal,
  • The right of the borrower to repay the loan early,
  • The rights resulting from § 491a (2) of the Civil Code, the rights resulting from § 29 (7) of the Federal Data Protection Act.

The selection – without credit comparison a hopeless venture

Never has the cost of applying for installment credit been lower than it is today. An installment loan comparison first provides information about which bank charges which interest. Cheap installment loan interest rates are usually the most important selection criteria, but there are still others:

  • Does the bank allow for free special repayments or full early repayment of the loan without prepayment penalty?
  • Are installment breaks contracted or individually agreed?
  • Can the loan term be chosen steplessly, for example by entering the desired rate, or are there only rigid sections?
  • Can the loan amount be freely chosen, or are only 1,000, 500 or 100 Euro steps possible?
  • Does the bank accept self-employed as a borrower?
  • What is the longest possible repayment term?

These questions may limit the number of potential lenders. Those who want to “walk” on the way to compare offers, will quickly realize that this is a hopeless task. Credit comparisons provide the optimal starting point.

The amount of the interest depends in most cases on the creditworthiness of the applicant, in some cases also on the term of the loan. For this reason, interest rates are usually quoted in a certain range.

According to the Price Indication Regulation, certain points must be given when advertising a loan. For example:

In addition to the bound debit interest must also be called the annual percentage rate. An example of how to set the maximum interest rate within the range that two-thirds of borrowers must pay for is an example. In the example above, this is 4.99 percent effective interest per year. The closer the two-thirds interest is to the lower interest rate, the higher the probability that one will settle there as well.

Effective interest rate

The bound debit rate may be nice and good, but only the annual percentage rate makes the cost of a loan directly comparable. Until the supreme court ban on closing the lending rates, the discrepancy between the borrowing rate and the effective interest rate was much higher.

Today, only the amortization settlement actually plays a role. The monthly installment consists of the interest rate for the remaining debt and the repayment portion. However, most of the banks only bill the repayments made during the year until 31.12. one year. This means that from January to December, the borrower pays interest on the remainder of the debt of 1 January of each year. If the repayment settlement were made monthly or quarterly, the respective APR would be lower.

Loans with earmarking – often lower interest rates

The most widely used installment loan with earmarking is probably the car loan. A comparison shows that interest rates on auto loans are generally cheaper than interest on loans with free use.

The background is the usability of the collateral. If a borrower is in arrears with a car loan, the bank can recycle the car and pay at least part of the outstanding debt. In the case of financing a holiday trip this is not possible. Banks pass on this advantage of easy usability to borrowers in the form of lower interest rates.

Another option is residential loans. These are only given to property owners for renovation or refurbishment. Despite the waiver of a land charge order, interest rates are at a lower level than normal installment loans.

Credit check – different weights at the individual banks.

Credit check - different weights at the individual banks.

Banks assume that part of the loans will not be repaid. As part of the credit check, they determine how high this likelihood is for the individual borrower. The final interest rate reflects the credit default probability. Bases for the credit check are

  • private credit Scoring
  • marital status
  • income
  • Financial conditions
  • expenditure
  • job
  • employer

Add to that the socio-economic data. These include, inter alia, the place of residence. The common feature of this data is that the borrower has no control over this. If above-average loans have not been repaid in the vicinity of their place of residence, for example in the street or in the postal code area, this reduces their creditworthiness.

The credit check for a installment loan today falls under the term “industrialized credit process”. The entire process is digitized. There are interesting effects. A father of two, working in the construction industry, with no vices, generally has a poorer credit rating than a game-hungry, solitary official. Why? The married family man could be divorced, the then due maintenance payments jeopardize the loan. Jobs in the construction industry are considered relatively uncertain, certainly more insecure than the civil service. Gambling addiction interests the computer relatively little.

Private credit neutral query

The institutes weight the individual data differently. It can therefore happen that the cheapest bidder on the paper offers a less favorable interest in the individual case, than that in the ranking on two or three placed institution. Against this background, it is important to start a credit inquiry with all eligible banks. This costs only a few minutes and is as condition inquiry completely private credit-neutral.

Only when all tenders are available (usually within a few minutes of submitting the request) is it possible to compare in detail which bank comes closest to meeting its own requirements, both in terms of interest rates and in terms of general conditions.

Loan application online

Applying for a cheap installment loan today is conveniently done online from home. Anyone who finds online an offer of his house bank around the corner, but must be careful. If he goes to the branch for the loan application, he pays a higher interest rate there than with a degree on the Internet. As a rule, the applicant will receive the application documents, including General Terms and Conditions and Product Information Sheet, immediately after application by e-mail. Now it is necessary to complete these, to sign them and to return them with the necessary documents, copies of the bank statements and the salary certificate according to the bank’s instructions.

Legitimation & Video Ident

A borrower has to legitimize himself to the bank. This is difficult for a direct bank. He now has the option of either returning the documents as part of the PostIdent procedure. The legitimation takes place in the post office. Or, if available, he chooses the VideoIdent method. This requires a terminal with video and voice function. The identification takes place during a video chat. In this case, the applicant sends the documents to the institute without further ado.

In the meantime, some banks are also offering to deliver the documents digitally. An electronic signature and thus the fully digital application process is so far but very little common.

The faster the applicant ultimately returns the documents, the sooner, usually after two to three days of receipt by the bank, he may dispose of his credit.

Payday Loan Consolidation: Get 10000 euro budget financing and installment calculation

We discover the personal loan of 10,000 euros offered by Onecredit to its customers. We see the characteristics of this form of financing with the repayment terms and the different durations available. Finally, how to perform an online simulation with calculation of the installment or request a detailed estimate in the branch.

Consolidate your Loan by borrowing 10000 euro in Onecredit

 If you are looking for a € 10,000 loan, one of the major banks that is worth asking for a quote is certainly Onecredit. As for any form of financing, as always the best thing to do before proceeding with the request is to make a calculation of the installment. This allows us to know all the characteristics of the loan, with the interest rates applied and precisely the amount of each installment. In this way we will have the opportunity to compare different solutions that are made available by Onecredit, so as to identify the one that best meets our needs.

For those who are already customers of the bank, and therefore have a Onecredit current account, on the company’s website it is possible to carry out a free online simulation without any restrictions. To do this it is necessary that the customer has been pre-evaluated for at least 6 months and has the Internet Banking service already active. In this case it is possible to request the Onecredit loan directly from your home computer. The procedure is very simple, and the first step involves the simulation of financing. At this stage it is necessary to enter the amount to which we are interested, which in our case will be 10,000 euros, and the duration of the loan, ie the number of months in which we intend to complete the repayment.

The Onecredit personal loan of 10,000 euros provides for a repayment through monthly installments that will be deducted from the client’s current account. The number of installments ranges from a minimum of 36 months up to a maximum of 84 months. Therefore, by choosing one of the eligible terms, we will immediately present the monthly repayment installment and the Tan and Taeg interest rates applied by the bank. It will therefore be important to choose a duration that provides for an installment within our reach, taking into account, however, that as the number of installments increases, the interest we are going to pay will be higher. Especially in the case we are considering, where the sum of money required is 10,000 euros and therefore not excessively high, it is advisable to choose a rather low duration, given that even by choosing a refund in 36 installments the amount we will pay every month will not be particularly high.

Onecredit loan from € 10,000 also for non-customers

In addition to the online procedure that we have just analyzed, to get to know the characteristics of the 10 thousand euro loan offered by Onecredit, it is possible to request a detailed estimate in the branch. This solution is offered to all customers who are interested in receiving more details, with an estimate of the expenditure made on the basis of the income and personal characteristics of the applicant. The request for an estimate, which can be made at any Onecredit office present in Italy, is also open to those who are not yet Onecredit customers but who are interested in learning more about the treatment offered for the 10,000 euro loans.

If you want to receive a detailed quote, what you need to do is set up an appointment at the branch. To do this simply connect to the Onecredit website and click on the “Set an appointment” button. We will be redirected to a page where the only data we receive will be our email address. At this address we will immediately be sent an automatic message containing a link for the appointment request. By clicking on it, we can then choose the office where we prefer to go (for example, the one closest to our house), and select the day and time according to availability.

Once the appointment is fixed, just go to the Onecredit branch chosen by us and, without even having to queue, we will have the chance to confront a fully dedicated expert in the sector. The latter will be able to present us in the best way the range of products offered by Onecredit for personal loans, and according to our needs will advise us the perfect solution for us. We can therefore choose the rate we prefer and we will be presented with a detailed estimate of the cost. It should be noted that the request for a quote is completely free and is not binding in any way in our future request. So after receiving the cost estimate we can evaluate whether it is an advantageous solution or not, and then proceed or not with the request for a loan of 10 thousand euro Onecredit.




Long inheritance and the silent acceptance of the inheritance.

Debt inheritance can be a problem. The widespread taking of bank loans or loans from other lenders, combined with the often limited knowledge of heirs about the debts of the deceased and the principles of inheritance law, often results in the full liability of heirs for the repayment of such debts.

Silent acceptance of the inheritance.

Silent acceptance of the inheritance.

General rules of liability for inheritance debts on the example of a loan taken by the creditor, I presented here: Loan and death of the borrower. As a reminder, I will write briefly that the responsibility for inheritance debts depends on the manner in which the heir accepted the inheritance. Rejecting the fall does not have to pay off debts in general. By accepting a drop directly, he bears responsibility for undue debts without restrictions. He is responsible for repaying them with all his property and property of the deceased who inherited it. Limit your liability for inheritance debts by accepting a decrease from the so-called the boon of inventory. When he does, he is responsible for paying the debts of the testator up to an amount that is equal to the value of the inheritance he inherited. The heir then does not answer for inheritance debts exceeding the value of the inheritance.

Declaration on the acceptance of the heir’s inheritance should be submitted within 6 months from the moment when he learned about the appointment to inheritance, whether based on a will or on the basis of the act. He can do it in court or at a notary.

If he does so within this period, according to the current regulations ( Article 1015 of the Civil Code), fiction is accepted that he silently accepted the inheritance. Thus, he will be responsible for inheritances without restriction. And this is exactly how it is described in the media, a trap in which many heirs fall in, not knowing that passivity can have far-reaching consequences for them. Unlimited liability for inheritance debts with a silent acceptance of the estate is now the rule. Restriction under the law of liability for inheritance debts in such situations are exceptions. The law on inheritance currently provides for three such exceptions. They apply to:

  • people who do not have full legal capacity;
  • persons for whom there is a basis for its complete incapacitation;
  • legal persons.

That is, if on behalf of such heirs within 6 months no declaration of acceptance of the inheritance is made, it is assumed that the fall took the benefit of the inventory, and thus with limited liability for inheritance debts. Persons who do not have full legal capacity are minors, ie persons under 18 years of age and incapacitated persons.

At the same time, one must also remember about the principle that if one of the heirs accepted a fall with the benefit of the inventory, and the others did not submit any statement on time, it is believed that they also accepted the decrease in the same way. In such situations, the benefit of the inventory extends to other heirs.

Lack of knowledge about the state of decline may be considered a material error.

Lack of knowledge about the state of decline may be considered a material error.

The default construction of a simple acceptance of a decline in the passive behavior of the heir induces more and more controversy, despite the fact that it has been in operation since the beginning of the Civil Code, ie for nearly 50 years.

Recently, the Supreme Court, in connection with the case before it, issued a decision favorable from the point of view of people who had no knowledge of the inheritance, received it in a straightforward way, and later learned about inheritance debts. The Supreme Court ruled that:

Ignorance of the heir on the state of inheritance despite the appropriate actions taken, can be considered a material error (Article 1019 § 2 of the Civil Code in relation to Article 84 § 2 of the Civil Code) – Supreme Court decision of 5 July 2012, IV CSK 612/11.

The case involved the fact that the deceased entrepreneur did not leave the property, so his heirs, which were the parents and sister did not make declarations of acceptance of the inheritance. They silently accepted the fall of the deceased. However, they did not know about bank loans that he did not pay.

After 2 years, the bank (creditor) initiated the proceedings on finding an inheritance (the inheritance law creates such a possibility). With this bank, the heirs managed to make a settlement. Some time later, with another request, another bank appeared, as it turned out that there was another loan that was not repaid by the deceased. Heirs appealed to the court with a statement about the evasion of the effects of the silent acceptance of the inheritance. They also asked to take advantage of the possibilities of inventory. They lost in the district court. Similarly in the county court. As a result of the cassation filed, their case ultimately reached the Supreme Court, which considered the cassation for the benefit of heirs, considering that in the circumstances of this case it was possible to speak about the error of heirs. Nevertheless, the Supreme Court noted that if the heir rely on the error, he should show that within 6 months from the day he learned about the appointment to the inheritance until the silent acceptance of the inheritance, he took steps to determine what constitutes the inheritance. In the case at hand, the parents of the deceased entrepreneur checked his documents after his death, but they did not find credit agreements or other documents indicating debts to the banks.

The reputation of inventory at the silent fall party for everyone?

The reputation of inventory at the silent fall party for everyone?

The problem of full responsibility for inheritance debts in the case of so-called the silent acceptance of the fall was already noticed before. Along with the development of the financial market in Poland, it has become more and more important.

In the draft of the new Civil Code, on which the Codification Commission is working, as a principle, it is proposed to adopt the principle of limited liability for inheritance debts in the event of a silent acceptance of inheritance. However, to accept this inheritance law may take place earlier. Currently, at the initiative of the deputies of one of the opposition parties, work is underway on the amendment of art. 1015 of the Civil Code and the introduction of a solution consisting in the fact that the lack of a declaration of the heir in the planned 6-month period will result in the acceptance of the estate with the benefit of the inventory, i.e. with limited liability for inheritance debts.

If such a rule is introduced, the challenge will certainly be the issue of general inventory compilation, in order to determine what is included in the inheritance, what is the value and what debts the deceased left behind. Making an inventory of the inventory belongs to the court bailiff who performs the relevant court order in this regard.


On 18 October 2015, the Act of 20 March 2015 amending the Civil Code and certain other acts (Journal of Laws of 2015, item 539) amending the effects of the silent acceptance of the inheritance came into force. You will read about it here: “Silent acceptance of inheritance and debt inheritance – changes”. The principles described above apply to inheritances opened before 18 October 2015. To the inheritances left by those who died that day or later, the new rules related to the tacit acceptance of the inheritance are applied.

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